Stephen Faulk Blanca Flamenco guitars-special promotional price

Many people have been responding to my email with questions about guitars, but at this time can’t make a commitment at the price range on my web site which is 4600.00. I’ve decided to make a limited run of blancas and offer them at a reduced price to promote my instruments. They will be made [...]

New Moth Rosette


Port Orfrd Cedar back and sides blanca with Red Cedar top Under construction now

ETA Mid October- I’ll post more in progress shot when the back is glued on.

Seven string Classical / Brazilian jazz guitar

  A new 7 string classical. This guitar features a Western Red Cedar top with Indian Rosewood back and sides. It is designed with seven strings tuned BEADgbe.

Two in progress- Uke and Guitar

                                    In progress images of two instruments which will be done soon. On the left a Concert Uke with Birds Eye Maple body and Port Orford Cedar top. the headstock veneers are made of slices of Ebony laminated [...]

Sourpuss Guitar maker has a new website

Now how does one attach a picture to this text?